Finding Passion in the Patterns of Your Past – 4D Living Outside the Cube

Finding Passion Outside Your Cube 

Anyone else ever got frustrated by the Rubik’s Cube to the point you couldn’t stop until most of the colors were lined up? You could spend endless amounts of time yet still be hours away from solving the challenge.  

Our own career and life path may have been foretold to us through the magic of the Cube or that Magic 8 Ball you’d shake every time you had a major decision to make. 

Listening to our inner voice means also paying close attention to the passions which make us want to get our ass out of bed, even if we are not alone under the covers or needing to work in the morning. 

Those passions may be our talents, pleasures, and secret abilities we may not even know we had.  You may be in a dead-end job but you ain’t dead yet.  You can rekindle those hidden passions and begin to embrace the world around you once again.  

You don’t need to be so concerned about how to get there…you just need to start where you are and trust in yourself and that partner Angel by your side.  

Allow God and the Universe to be your guide.  

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“Share the Love and Share a Smile”  

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