The Coven of Angelic Light presents – Haunted Eden ‘Now We Lay Ourselves Down’ (A Freakish Erotish Fetish You Will Surely Relish) -Disclaimer: Mature Themes, 18 or older only 

The Sexcrets of Haunted Eden…

Oh my god is that you?  Damn you neared scared my ass.” Claire was a bit startled by what she thought was an ice cold hand caressing her lower back.  She had just undressed to get ready for her bath which Rebekah had prepared for her with Moonlight Nights bath salts and Paradise Passions hand-crafted lavender honey soap.  

She didn’t get a response from Rebekah and figured she went to her room to change into something more comfortable or to undress and join her in the warm sudsing bubbly bath water in the spacious garden tub fit for a diva and her queen.  

Claire carefully stepped into the water slowing lowering her petite tired body to be totally submerged up to her neck.  She loved raising her feet up to either side of the tub while spreading her legs so she could feel the sensation between her thighs.  Usually she used her favorite rabbit vibe but since her lover is soon to join her why use a toy when you can have the real bunny hopping all over you. 

The bathroom was illuminated by several candles and a bottle of wine with two crystal glasses.  A vase of long stem red roses sat upon the rinse basin in front of the ornate antique oval mirror.  

Claire loved to touch herself in the bath, feeling the warm water as she gently but meticulously rubbed her clit in a circular motion.  Her breasts glistening just below the surface as she arches her legs higher to brace herself against the sides of the tiles.  

Just when Claire is getting into a rhythmic trance Rebekah opens the door.  She is a mere 5’5” with a size 34 C, a heart-shaped ass, and well-manicured size 4 feet.  She stands over Claire wearing only a rose petal thong and her sandals.  Her nipples are already at attention as if commanding Claire to take up position.  

Claire honey I’ve been wanting you the whole day. I need you to suck on my babies.”  Rebekah takes her fingers and pushes down her thong letting it drop to the floor with ease.  Her clit is completely shaven except for a tiny patch of amber colored hair on the top of her glistening pink slit.  

“Rebekah, ride me right here.  I need to feel your sweet spot grinding up against my sex now.  Don’t torture me baby and just fuck meeeeee!!!”  The candlelight cast two eerie shadows on the wall.  Their twisted intermingled bodies merging as one entity.  They could transcend all time and space in their own fuck trance as the rhythm of their inner cords struck with the high octaves of the night.  Rebekah had the voice of an opera singer while Claire had the Southern twang of Shania Twain and from this moment on life’s about to get good and better with each kiss.  

It’s as if the randy ghosts of the hotel guests past have come back hard for an all-nighter rave orgy.  The walls seemed to talk in a language of an obscene expression and the orgasmic moans echoing through the outside hallways and lobby as the wolves howl at the full moon at night.  This is Haunted Eden by the way and the forbidden fruit thy partaketh is of the most decadent delight.  Rebekah is by all measure the Eighth Wonder under the Autumn Harvest moon.   

The next chapter: The Morn Cometh Not Too Soon…

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