Rebekah’s Road Trip To Caligina – Culivating Wild Rose 

Caligina Along Route 66 – Cultivating The American Dream Once Again…

The night seemed longer than usual.  Maybe its because I’ve been up late too many nights fighting back the apocalyptic dreams of the world under the spell of lunatic leaders seeking to profit off the Agenda 21 Initiative. This depopulation bill was hidden within a much larger, more complex budget negotiated by both parties. The President is still governing however his true whereabouts are unknown, except for a select few due to the continuing civil unrest and widespread looting across the country.  World War 3 has unofficially been initiated ever since North Korea launched a missile towards Guam. 

The biological missile was successfully intercepted over the Southern Pacific Ocean, but massive fallout has already contaminated the Philippines with millions seeking help from the American Red Cross and the United Nations.  Tens of thousands have already died or are gravely ill. 

Guam was evacuated nearly a month ago due to the North Korean threat of a strike; the US military is strategically stationed and positioned on numerous aircraft carriers currently lining the Pacific Rim and just off the shores of South Korea.  

Someplace along Route 66 – Caligina Dreaming of the Perfect Fuck…

The sky grew progressively darker as Rebekah waited for the bus.  She decided to spend the night in a cheap seedy motel at what she considered to be a place people would go to die.  Most likely from overdosing on meth since this seemed to be the choice drug here.  She was already hit on quite a few times just sitting on the boulevard bench.

Downtown did have their share of collectives and the glow from the green neon crosses was where the locals went to pay homage to the ‘Pot God.’  The ironic thing was there seemed to be the same number of churches.  As if people lost all hope in salvation through the naked dude nailed to two planks of wood.  Rebekah may have been on her knees as well, however praying for some survival cash to continue on her journey.  She would bow down to any girl or guy willing to pay some Benjamins for some good head, hand job, or just some unsafe sex.  

Cultural Conjugation 

Rebekah was from the Middle East so she knew oppression from religious zealots and had seen some of her girlfriends tortured for not only kissing girls but merely hugging them in public.

She loved how liberated American girls were and already had a love interest which she kept secret from her judgmental, holier than Allah parents.  They have their hopes that daddy’s little girl will marry some well-established Ivy League business graduate or a young aspiring doctor.

She was a dancer though and wanted to create a new expressive form of stage play to push the social envelope.  Her community was so damn repressed she wanted to really test even the artist elites in her city.  She wanted to produce and star in her own rendition of Rent that would involve live sex scenes on stage.

An all nude production and the acting would be very much real with a diverse cast of actors from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Rebekah just thought the human body was so expressive and creative as a living breathing canvass. One reason she loved body painting so much, along with the occasional paint enema art done on stage in front of a live audience.

Using Art As A Weapon 

Her financial partner and lover was responsible for creating the Piss Allah using her own bodily fluids in the production.  She and Abal were sick of the male dominated society and used their projects as a sort of cultural weapon in their fight to end female and transgender oppression in not just their own country but all across the world community, including the US.  Piss Allah had caused such a furor in the Middle East and some say led to the public beheadings of several dozen indie artists whose loyalties were more aligned with the West than with the local Imam. Thanks to social media, there has been a global surge in New Millennials taking up the cause to stir awareness; including Burning Man type raves and love-ins except with a Burning Muhammad.

Her American friends engaged in the experimental and unorthodox approach to painting; in that their urine, menstrual fluid, and feces would be the medium used.  They collectively received  global recognition, not just through their social media networks, but also mentioned on Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect show as well as Jimmy Kimmel.

Rebekah even stripped off all her clothes in front of the local mosque while urinating on the Koran while her girlfriend did the livestream on her FB account.  She called this Indie Performance Art.  Abal and Rebekah knew each other since grade school but didn’t get romantically involved until both had decided on a study abroad program together at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.  Majoring in perfecting the Art of the Fuck or the masterful Suck. 

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“Love dangerously.  Live passionately” 

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