Your Kick Ass Angel Wants You To Know…

The Art of the Deal Breaker or Your Money Maker…(Its All In The Way That You Use It)

Achieving our personal success principles is the best revenge in conquering the chaos of complacency. If others talk smack to your face or slander you to others, its only out of jealousy cause they got no game to play. They secretly desire your passion but are too lazy to master the rules to accomplish the winning score.

Do what you are best at and that’s to kick ass on and off the court of life. You know your potential and the size of your IQ is greater than your shoe size.

Its best to fake it until you make it and smile as if you have reached your peak performance; even if you are still learning The Art of the Dream.

The same goes for our relationships. We may choose the sleazy easy nightstand like that slight of hand Vegas deal; putting on our best pokerface. Or we can get completely naked and vulnerable with each other and be willing to experiment, explore, and experience together the best win win positioning for your slam dunk success.

©2017 Mark Adam Media and DIVE Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

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