Grad School Haze – from the Annals of Fuckery University  

Journal Entry #1 – WTF do I owe more than a Mercedes car note…

Due diligence.  

I would hear my professor in grad school speak of this term throughout my Contract Negotiations course.  Another key saying which I still recall was from a professor during my undergraduate studies as I took his CIA Intelligence seminar.  He would say, Some of you need to stick your finger into a light socket.  I guess the lack of coherent discussion from a group of half-baked Poli sci students like myself who had an initial dream of scoring an office gig with the State Department or on ‘the Farm’ in Langley, Virginia.  

Here I found myself in an agricultural community at the heart of Kern County; Bakersfield, California.  If you closed your eyes while driving through on the 5 you wouldn’t even know what hit ya.  California State University, Bakerfield is at the epicenter of what is shaking on the fault of higher learning.  

We did have a grad student literally turn around and drop his pants, bare butt and all because the professor made a comment along the lines…If I told one of you to pull down your pants (or something along that line) in his making the point that some of us will believe or take a person by their very word.  I guess this ace in the hole was either a straight shooter or just needed to get his freak on.  

Let’s just say the lab after hours was a great place for some extracurricular activities, courtesy of the petroleum industry which helped to fund it.  

Next Journal Entry: Learning the 411 on Sexting during Testing.  How not playing it safe got me A’s’s. 

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