Liberty In Flames – Climax of Chaos (Escape from Lesbertine City) 

Lesbertine City as the New Priders called it was considered the ‘safe haven’ for the newly ordained global rainbow citizens.  The GRCs wanted to live their own lifestyle the way they saw fit and didn’t wish to be subservient to the far-right ‘Neo-cons.’  The ‘forbidden activities’ were punishable by public dismemberment and occurred even without due process.  Claire and Rebekah were meeting in secret, but like the rest of their college friends just desired to be with the ones they loved in peace and tranquil bliss.  That was until now…the entire world has gone to hell…

In the Year 2020 everything changed…

The scene was chaos personified outside the four walls without even a birdseye window with a view.  There would be nothing to see anyways; at least nothing glamorous or inspiring, unless you wanted to witness the mass onslaught and purge of the Liberty Truthers.  I foresaw this all coming about in my deepest, darkest of dreams.  These voices, some angelic, others alien in nature, and in the center of this infinite chamber of clamouring, competing voices was an intensely bright light, more radiant than the sun and so blinding if you stared directly for even a second you would be unable to see for a long duration.  All of these energy beings surrounding this orb which seemed to control all voices and silence the haters…

I wake up in a cold sweat.  My sheets are soaked and my entire body covered in this wetness as if I just dived into icy cold waters with my clothes on.  I immediately stripped off all my garments and quickly jumped in the shower.  I spoke into the speakers just over the spray spout on the shower stall.  The system was fully automated and i just had to tell it exactly the temperature i needed the water to come out as.  “100 degrees Fahrenheit,” I say into it loudly.  “Mild suds with a lavender scent.”  Out from all sides spray a rich, creamy foam which covers my entire body from head to toe with a lather that is blissful and as soothing as the tropical paradise I once called home with my girlfriend Angelina.  Due to the very strict water restrictions in Los Angeles and the Governors bill to keep the water rationing in place until at least our water tables were up again at the 2011 levels.  Its been twenty years since the last storm which brought down so much rainfall that entire cities were riped out and flooded over; displacing millions of people and killing tens of thousands in the process.  Corpses would be seen drifting for months every place I went along my route in the boat taxi.  A young entrepreneur thought up an Uber style boat taxi system and really started a trend for people to travel still to the designated safe dry zones; these included the higher elevated gated communities which were designated only for the upper-economic classes making, at the very least a couple million dollars since the entry tax to these ‘mini self-sustainable cities’ was 500K…

The Storm is coming, my mother would say long before the visible signs from God and those Jesus Freak nutjobs holding up posters or shouting from bullhorns on street corners, The End is Here, Repent or Suffer in the Flames of Hell.  There was a counter-demonstration at times from our college group from the local University of California campus.  I made a sign, along with my girlfriend, which read: I’d Rather Make Love In The Flames of Passion Than Be Bored To Death In Paradise.  To top that off we demonstrated topless showing off our pretty little breastesses.  I believe we are going to hell in a nude skydive from Cloud 9; as some of these Conservative soccer moms and church lady types were wide-eye as if they saw Diablo’s mistresses fucking his shaft on the Interstate between our two competiting forces of pussyalogy and religiousalogy.  We really didn’t give a fuck what the haters had to say.  The public long ago sat back and watched as the ‘new order of cultural purification’ started burning books in the public square.  Reminded me of my high school days when we would light a raging cajun bonfire in the middle of the football stadium during homecoming week, light up a good stogie, take a bong hit, have a cold brewscie; all while some cheerleader sorority slut wannabee during Rush Week gave the sloppiest head in town.  Afterwards some lucky jocks would take turns fucking her while a teammate held up a copy of the Kuma Sutra and another snorted coke off her heaving 36 C breast.  

Now we have these ‘Meth-head rejects’ burning effigies of a real estate tycoon who took America by surprise in an election upset.  All because the ‘Free Choice Party’ fully backed a loser candidate; solely on the fact she was gender neutral, supported gay rights, and was pro-infanticide and for using human organ harvesting.  

The ‘New Intellects’ got behind their candidate with financial support topping a record 69 billion dollars, but the Liberty Truther Party won in large part to their candidate’s self-financing and the millions of disenfranchised citizens who had their livelihoods taken from them because of these humanoid super intelligent machines doing their old jobs.  

The ‘New Intellects’ supported their Free Choice candidate because she was to open the global market up and allow Americans to freely buy from a myriad host of human trafficking friendly countries which needed this cash crop of sorts now more than ever to boost their internal revenues and grow their economies.  It was nicknamed the ‘The Blood Rush.’  Some high class restaurants already featured as their daily culinary flaire…aborted fetus soup and rotisserie baby BBQ which they thought gave them the stamina of the gods.  Blood wine; fermented and crafted human blood, was now considered the drink of immortality, however the purest of this (from the unborn or just born infant) was considered the highest of quality and medicinal worth, which is why only the uber-rich could afford such a thing.  The not so lucky in the economic heirarchy had to settle for human blood from older age bracket and were damn blessed to have a willing (or unwilling) teen give them the honor of their own, for a negotiated price (a new phone, some new skids, or any class of designer drugs to take their zombie ass minds out of their new godforsaken reality.  


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