Today Your Frappy Sassy Angel Wants You To…(from the Passion City Nights Diaries) 

Listen to your own Sounds of Silence…

Sometimes it’s in the deafening silence where you allow your ears to hear the heartbeat of another.  You must first shut your own mouth and listen with intent to that voice inside yourself and your partner.  

This chaotic symphony can either seduce you to destruction or entice you to explosive climatic change within. 

Sing your own Revival song…

Don’t just ‘live in the complacent moment’ while trying to be God by ‘reviving your dead past’, rather find Salvation in your own life-transforming talents towards greatness outside your own perceived strengths or weaknesses. 

Your gift to God and the greater Universe is to ignite your passion and teach others to do the same.  

 ©2017 DIVE Publishing.  All Rights Reserved. 

Be passionately inspired” 

#SweetTeaComfort #PassionCityNights #FrappySassyAngel 

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