The GOYA Challenge- You Attract Who You Are Inside 

Learning Curve # 1 – You Are Who You Become 

Exposed To Exponential Expectancy 

Life is both beautifully designed and elegantly inspired by and for greater than ourselves.  But that inner beauty is covered in the mud as we trek through the unknown together as one.

We see this happening in Texas as entire communities unite together under one United States of America and one collective body of hardworking Boots on the Ground; regardless of race, politics, faith, or socio-economic status.

Learning Curve #2 – You Are Who You Inspire 

So Do Something Awesomely Beautiful Today

Sometimes a personal challenge or a catastrophic natural event is meant to wake us up to that world in front of our doors, for us to open those doors, and for us to step outside our ‘picture perfect self-contained fantasy reality.’ We maintain our ‘selfie aura’ as if pretentiousness is next to self-righteous Godliness. Heaven forbid if someone upsets our illusionary state of imaginary being. Our bubble will burst faster and harder than the dot-com collapses of the last decade.

As we see how life really is; with all its splendor, majesty, and diversity within the pain and pleasure or the sacred and the profane.  So as we embrace that light of day in this short span of unexpected time, realize life is short and surprises just hit us out of nowhere.

This is just how it is, so deal with it, and help others to do the same.  Because once the storm resides we’ve got only ourselves to blame for not making America Greater Once Again.

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