Today Your Frappy Sassy Assy Angel Screams At You To Just Let Yourself Go…(LA Blog Over Coffee) 

Sleeping with B-lister porn stars (or maybe just your vision-impaired beer goggles) 

Be careful who you share your bed with. They may steal more than just your heart and covers, but your money and dreams as well. 

The Imperfect Sex Coaster 

Indiscriminate fucking may lead to more than just one bad romance or an STD.  So use your sober head and don’t be a dick head.  Once you get off on this Sex Coaster your head will spin round and round like your retro records on replay till you puke all over her fake ass Prada high heel shoes.  

Dead or Alive you can choose your poison; black coffee or maybe with some raw brown sugar and a nice taste of cream.  

Sometimes I find a good book in the romance genre will be more fulfilling than that eye candy to give you a momentary high leading to monetary withdrawals in the morning.  

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