Dreams Yet To Dream –   Embrace The Fire (Passion Purpose Cafe Diaries @ LA Blog Over Coffee) 

Journal Entry Day One – Free the Fear 

Freeing Your Fear to Embrace Your Fire

You have unlimited potential within you.  Your source of wealth; financial, physical, spiritual, intellectual, and transformational is just patiently waiting for you to open that door and step into that grandiose global awakening.  

When we focus on the negative aspects or events inside our sphere of influence and outside our control we tend to draw more bad energy around us.  

Kiss the Fireflies 

If we instead learn to appreciate the simplest good things in our life and even the smallest blessings…we not only create a more positive outcome in everything we do.  

We will manifest even greater accomplishments and unimaginable or unrealized dreams we have yet still to dream.  This future outer extension of ourselves is much like a living breathing tree which began as one seed planted deep within.  

So begins our collective journey to love once again as we revisit the Universal garden and partake in the bountiful harvest.  

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“Ignite your Passion” 

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