Today Your Passion Principle Is…Inspired Chaos Initiates Change 

Spontaneous Combustion 

The most memorable moments will be those unexpected sparks of energy bursting forth into our atmosphere.  

Sometimes a spontaneous combustion may rock your world as an explosion of the senses illuminate the night.  Through this inspired chaos you will find your true calling in the rubble of your forgiven past.  

Everybody needs someone to inspire them to further their own internal greatness in this external ‘chaos personified’ Reality Bites society.  

Culinary Creativity 

By not allowing fear to flavor our own signature seasoning, we can choose the spice to enhance the culinary climax we wish to experience at our buffet spread.  

We can either partake in the bounty which is ours to share or order from the dollar menu and become what we eat in all it’s artificial glory.  

The list of entrees are endless if we allow our inner self to savor the selections from the best organic ingredients on our collective sphere.  Love is the Spice of Life.  How much flavoring we add to our own recipe or that of our cooking partner is up to you.  

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