Embracing Your Angel Within – from the Series ‘Flight 2 Love’ – Tropical Revival 

Climatic Schematics 

Even in the extreme climate changes and weather conditions, which we all are facing, if not now soon enough…there is hope.  

However frostbite numbing, hail damaging, downpour flooding, or intense heat exhausting life might be; we must adapt to survive.  That song, I will survive, sums up our directive as we learn to not only love one another and tolerate our differences, but to share in the diversity of opinion and recognize the beauty within both the light of day and the dark of night.  

Flight Plan 2 Love 

To those whom have been there to save and revive me from the uncertainty and difficulty of this turbulent ‘flight to love’…I thank you from the bottom of my heart and encourage you to seek deeper than yourself.  

Love is not always a confortable ride, sometimes it feels like you are in rapid deceleration with no control over the oncoming fear facing you.  It is in these moments where we brace for impact in the angelic circle of love with those prepared for the fight to thrive.  

The Power of Two 

In the end it not only takes two to tango but it requires super-metaphysical faith in two or more to revive and save one another from the precipice in the pan-demon-ium of the natural.  

Strength comes not only from deep one’s soul, it resonates with intense frequency to the energy levels we surround ourselves with.  As we embrace Oneness we discover that untapped potential within us.  

© 2017 Mark Adam and DIVE Publishing. 

“Ignite your Passion Initiative 2020” 

#ShareTheLove #Oneness #Flight2Love #IWillSurvive #IgniteYourPassion 

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