Today Your Kicky Assy Sassy Angel Is Back…from the Sassy Assy (Not So) Angelic Diaries 2017 

Value-added ( at a negotiated price) 

Of what value is inspired thought and creative intention if you keep it bottled up inside like a vintage imported Merlot from the South of France.  

Expression is an experience meant to be shared with that person beside you, not just your kick-ass angel within or that inflatable silicone imaginary friend you dress up like your drag queen Barbie.  

Selfie time on social media should not be a Reality Tweet or Twerk Fest.  What the hell is this?  The Oval Office or the Lincoln Bedroom?  

Beautiful golf course of change (or the best 5-3-1 play) 

Being the beautiful sort of change means daring to be the anomalous fool in a world of bendy moldable poppy pimple-faced idols and recyclable shopping bags with over 45 green Feng Shui uses. 

Save a tree, wrap yourself in plastic.

© 2017 Mark Adam and DIVE Publishing.  All Rights Reserved. 

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