Today Your Eclipse Experience Expects You To Escape Your Pain – Embrace Your Passion…(from Eve’s Celestial Garden: the Dream Trance) 

The Eclipse Goddess of Universal Love

Solar soul surfing 

The signs are all around us…in the stars, moon, sun, and all the mysteries and complexities of the Universe.  Your destiny may not be revealed to you in a clear audible voice or text message from God.  Sometimes the connection may be lost or delayed due to external solar storms beyond our comprehension or direct control. 

The Eclipse Experience 

The eclipse may last for a brief moment or an unexpected season as our reflection cast a shadow of doubt on just which direction we should go across that barren landscape or the dense untamed forest we find ourselves lost and found; naked yet unashamed. 

Totality of Collective Oneness 

The totality of awareness may only be one of transformational change if you allow the light to penetrate your senses and radiate your soul as you stare with eyes wide open into the eclipse.  

Cast away your Shadows into the Light 

Your next phase of transcendental clarity begins at the peak of the eclipse.  Believe in greater outside yourself…your past shadows have no ownership over you nor dominion thereof.

Though they may still follow you…disown them and cast them away as nothingness to which they came.  You will create a new on-purpose life under the dawn of the new embracing light which is to cover your naked mind, body, and soul in the eternal love afterglow. 

© Mark Adam and DIVE Publishing.  All Rights Reserved.  

Staring into the eclipse as you embrace your new light.” 

Disclaimer: We don’t recommend using your naked eyes to look directly at the face of the eclipse without the proper solar eclipse glasses.  

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