Your Safe Space of Dreams – Feeling Secure with Who You are With (or Without) On the Rooftop of Your Life

Your Safe Space of Dreams 

Don’t we all wish sometimes that God was our personal assistant and errand boy.  We want a hot steamy Venti Latte but we are too lazy to get our tired ass out of bed to make it.  

Maybe we don’t want to leave that warm embrace next to us or get out from under that goose down comforter, so we make up an excuse to call in sick to work and put on our best drama queen act as we prepare for the beach or a fly away romantic tryst to Vegas. 

I have done that myself.  It’s called honing your sorry-ass acting skills.  Well it sounds better than lying.  Besides you need to practice your lip service when you tell your lover how great he/she was last night and whether they’d like pancakes or Belgian waffles served to them in bed.  I’ll take mine with extra whip cream and a cherry on top pleeeease!!! 

Your Safe Space of Expectation 

Who you attract into your life and what you obsess over in your mind is what the Universe will surely give more of to you.  So if you constantly think of how your job totally sucks or how screwed your love life is then you will get not just more depressed…you will end up attracting like-minded people who want to jump off the same cliff with you while holding your clammy hands all the way to the low tide below. 

On the flip side, if you better your outlook by embracing new challenges; whether through mind-expansion activities such as education, community/faith-based volunteerism, Meetups, or church/family-centered social outings…you will redirect your focus back to helping others.  This will get your mind off the self-service kiosk which we choose our daily menu from to escape the social anxiety of active communication.  

Your ‘Social Neutral’ (Un)Safe Space of Escape 

You can choose to escape through an array of cultural and societal experiences; safe sex, legal drugs, creative expression, or other high-risk activities.  

Thanks to a changing climate what once was taboo is now open for business.  Welcome to the New Amsterdam coming soon to a state near you.  You may not be able to order a Space Cake or treat yourself to a buffet list of gorgeous women ready to fulfill your most decadent desires.  However you can now have your ‘hemp’ coffee with a side of Exotic Indica Blends soon. 

You Decide Your Life…Not Your Spouse, Your Parents, or Your Dead Past

However you also have to decide where you want your life to lead you and who you need in your heart, mind, and soul.  Your body is a vessel to be used to further the Universal good; not just for yourself but for your family and that unintended stranger.  So what you do with your body, mind, and your God-given talents is a gift to the world, even that global community right next door to you today. 

© 2017 Mark Adam and DIVE Publishing.  All Rights Reserved. 

“Your world is more global than you think.  It is only a cyber chat heartbeat away from changing someone’s life today.” 

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