Your Blue Space of Dreams – From the ‘Passion Island Cove’ Diaries…Because Life Happens

Because Life Happens…No Matter The Climate Change 

Everything happens for a reason as every moment has a season.  As your momentary lapse of reasoning leads you to your great awakening and you wonder WTF.  

Sure you may have an epiphany or maybe just banged your head against that headboard.  So does everything happen just because life happens?  Maybe but then again who do you blame or curse when you stub your toe on that bedpost in the morning??

You ultimately are in charge of your weather patterns and whether you will adapt to the changing climate or simply enjoy the surprise storms.  Maybe you just don’t care anymore ’bout others say so you strip off all your clothes and dance naked and footloose in the rain or hail.  You thrill seeker you.  

Throwing The Sheets 

Where am I and how did I end up in this strange bed?  Life is full of choices; some awesomely made, others after a glass of wine or an act of insane passion.  

Maybe you just couldn’t control your thirst so you drank the whole freaking bottle thinking while in France…do as the French do.  That Chainsmokers song, Paris comes into play whenever I think about…hell I forget her name but she was in my university during my year abroad in Tuebingen, Germany but I digress. 

Neatly Tucked or Untucked? 

We make our own beds.  Whether we change the sheets or straighten the room is up to us.  Who you invite into your chambers at night says more about you than even the ghosts of your haunted jaded past.  Stop chasing shadows or those phantom angels with only cruel intentions at their rotten red apple core.  Beware of that forbidden fruit for it leads to one bite too many and no matter what leaves you hungry still more. 

But solely who we decide to share that scarce space under the covers or in the shower is up to you.  You must look in the mirror above your messy bathroom sink and decide if you love the life you’re living or if it’s all just a lie.  

Hot Love or Hot Sauna Saga 

To get the dream (angel) you desire; as he/she is staring back at you in that foggy reflection.  The truth is as hot and steamy as a sauna.  Or cool and refreshing as an incoming tropical storm.  Life is either ‘blue space’ or an ’empty space’ but so is our ‘safe space’ where we lay our head.  

Your Blue Space of Dream Escape 

But it is up to you to make your bed or burn it and start again tomorrow refreshed.  Ready to face the ocean in front of you, as you dig your bare feet into the wet warm sand, and strip down to your naked truth and dare the Universal water to cleanse you from the inside out. 

Next chapter:  Your ‘Safe Space’ of Dreams 

© 2017 Mark Adam and DIVE Publishing.  All Rights Reserved. 

“Embrace Love and Share it with your Dream Angel.” 

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