The Immaculate Deception in the Masquerade of Perception

The World Is Not What It Seems

Your reality may be a fantasy duality between the sacred and the profane, the truth and the lies, the passion and the pain, and the visible and the unseen. The Secret Wisdom of The Grove is hidden in plain view as we harvest what we are told or conditioned to do. The Chosen Select will decide what is in their best interest as they hypnotize us with their pendulum of lies and deceit. The media of sex, lies, and manipulated videotapes. As we seek our own self-worth and self-love in between the sheets of fate with a stranger hidden behind a masquerade of the perfect symbiotic relationship; that optical illusion cloaked behind the veil of an immaculate deception.

Hungry Like A Wolf

As we shudder from uncontrollable sensorial experiences sensationalizing our taste buds and touch with orgasmic tsunamis of pleasure, we neglect reality for the imagined, and sacred love for the profane lust in the fleeting embrace. This culinary climax leaving us hungry for more than just the sweet taste of honey or the savoring aroma of a long anticipated evening. As we break our unleavened bread and turn our natural artesian water into the finest most un-aged Merlot money can buy.

So are we comfortably numb as we swallow the sugar coated blue pill and sleepwalk through the mirror of our own perfectly ‘fucked up’ Hollywood illusion.

© 2017 Mark Adam and DIVE Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

#OpenYourEyes #Illuminati #EyesWideShut

Special thanks to Jim Carrey for waking us up to this reality through his comedic career.

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