Today Your Future Self Wants You To…

Discover Your Path of Most Resistance

Discover your path of most resistance. You will find your true center as you challenge your innermost desires to your higher future self. 

The road hardly traveled and most likely overgrown with vegetation is kept secret from the unbelievers and only made known to the faithful.  

Hence if you truly seek what you visualize in your mind with your whole heart then you will discover that hidden path deep within the forest which only the destined few can see.  When you reach the other side you will find your tropical paradise with her arms wide open.  

From the Passion Island Cove Diaries: Wisdom from the Lagoon of Dreams

#TropicalDreams #Desires #FindingYourCenter

2017 Mark Adam Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

“Your paradise is within reach; you just have to believe in the unseen and place your entire trust in the God of the Universe.” 

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