Sparks of Passion – PassionPoint #3 “Choosing Destiny Over Defeat” 

Taking personal accountability is a beautiful thing because it gives us complete control of our destinies.  – Heather Schuck, The Working Mom Manifesto 

Determine Your Destiny 

When we decide (and it is a choice) to take personal responsibility for our actions or inactions then it provides us the necessary tools needed to fix our problems with pro-active solutions. 

Now maybe not every solution will entail us revisiting our physical past as Bill Murray’s character did in Broken Flowers.  That may be possible if you reached that peak in your life and you have tons of money to throw around as a jet setter retiree.  But you can make peace in your heart and forgive them in the present.  It may be possible to reconnect with your former friends or partners and if warranted to meet up with them in person, speak to them, or just text them.  But do whatever you must in order to move forward and/or add closure.  

Decide Your Destination 

The greatest feeling in the world is when we let go of our forgiven past; those dark clouds dissipating to make room for that sunshine in our newfound abundant life. 

The quicker we do this, the sooner we gain control of our internal GPS on the fastest route to our destined destination. 

Our Action Today Decides Our Future Today 

It can be as simple as starting with a cup of coffee, waking up earlier than usual, and writing down a list (an agenda) the night before so you can take immediate action towards accomplishing those goals or tasks.  But however you get there, you must do it and maintain momentum even when the wind blows you off your path, the downpour soaks your best dress, or lightning is striking all around you.  

As Neil Young has said, “You’ll live the best life you could ever imagine.  But first, you must…see it before anything happens.” 

You must hold it in your hand, using that talent and God’s gift to you in achieving the worldly impossible.  But as we pursue it (even a little bit  each day) we will begin to see that fantasy transforming into reality with possibilities beyond our own understanding.  

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“Igniting that Passion to Perservere”

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