From ‘Sparks of Passion’ – Love in the Afterglow: The Bare Naked Truth 

Hot Shot Glass of Love 

Never take love for granted.  You just might realize what ya once had when it’s gone.  A long-term relationship is like a Tiffany diamond ring; not to be pawned like a bad romance once the ‘spark of passion’ has left.  

It is far better to weather the incoming storms together in that imperfect embrace than to be naked and alone in the downpour of life’s unexpected changes.  

From the Flight 2 Love: Passion Island Cove 

Follow Rebekah’s journey as she embarks on her Flight to Love…Through every experience and every moment there is a secret bare naked truth deep within.  

#SparksofPassion #BareNakedTruth #AfterglowofLove 

©2017 Mark Adam and DIVE Publishing 

Photo: Shutterstock 

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