Today Your Dream Angel Desires You To Know 

High Felicity 

God didn’t create you with a highly-efficient, supercomputer intellect to waste your precious time on trivial matters.  The most valuable resource is your time and your mind.  You must work with what you got; great or small, and further your dream. 

The Turbulence of Thought Travel 

How much time do you allow the world to steal away from you that which is yours to use; not just for your own self but those closest to you? 

Your thoughts are your own, passed down to you from a legacy of faith and love.  As our generations depart from their earthly vessels; we must engage our literary and artistic mindset in the here and now as we become one with those angelic voices living in and through us.  

Voices Carry With The Wind 

First thing you must realize: these internal (both audible and silent) voices in your dreams and waking state are your friends.  If people think you are crazy, forget them for they won’t even know the definition for normality or insanity for that matter…Trust me, being quirky and loco is the new overachiever normalcy.  Just look to Selena Gomez as you Revive your dead self back to life again. 

There will be competing noise…those ‘distractor’ voices which not only carry in the night but can prevent you from hearing those angelic, metaphysical conversations you have during your Delta Sleep phase.  Maybe your mother is channeling through you; from your cranium to your hand as you type your story and visual word pictures.  I still speak to her in those still quiet moments as I begin my day, my soulflight through the night, or my blog.  

Searching for Meaning Along That Twisted Road…Somewhere Between the Sacred and the Profane (or Wilmington, NC and Barstow, CA) 

Start dreaming greater than your present circumstances; no matter how twisted or screwed up our faith has been.  Life will never be perfect, just as no relationship nor romantic ‘serendipitous’ moment will ever be perfection.  

Passionately You Play – Romantically You Die (Alone or in the Embrace of Your Imperfect Lover) 

You live, you play, you work, you sleep, you eat, you drink, you have sex, and you die.  As a study abroad student overseas in Germany 🇩🇪, I recall the day I heard about my one professor who died suddenly.  It was  not that long since we were conversing in class.  He was passionate in everything he did; including sex with younger women, which is how he died.  According to my classmate he was fond of the younger variety.  At least he knew where his heart was and was ultimately betrayed by it as well, to death do us part.  

In conclusion it comes down to just us, our naked self (maybe in bed alone or with that ‘imperfect’ partner and the ‘perfect fucking life.’  So live with passion in all things less you die passive and with regret. 

© 2017 Mark Adam and DIVE Publishing 
“Dream as though you are living it.” 

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