Red Pill Revelations – Ch. 1 ‘Running With Visionary Giants’ 

Running Lone But Not Alone 

Your greater story has yet to be told.  You are not running this marathon of life alone.  You are surrounded by countless others who have ran this race before you.  These seemingly larger than life giants have made it to the top of that narrow trail to their summit with a view.  However these ‘ visionary giants’ are no different from us;  one of the main factors which propelled these leaders to greatness was their God-given talents and ability.  Along with that inner purpose-driven desire to stop at nothing in order to achieve the dream they were trusted with to honor and make happen by the Universe.  They did not decide to bury their treasure or to secure it in a safe deposit box for a rainy day.  

Purpose-driven Energy Farming 

These third wave visionaries knew the Secret was so simple that even a child can manifest a dream into reality.  The type of Red Pill Revelation the top tier of our society taught their own children, as they harness this purpose-driven energy source into a powerful turbine facing the winds of cultural change as they confront the challenge head-on and just do it anyways.  

More to come in the next blog titled: Red Pill Revelations – Hearing the Voice of God Between the Sacred and the Profane

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