Today our Universe wants you to know…

The Power of Gratitude – How to Be Grateful in the Simple Beauty of Life

“Be grateful in even the simple beauty of life’s unforeseen moments.  As we embrace that new challenge before us on our next journey to love.  

Therefore we must always be grateful in order to be great-full as we drink from our magical chalice overflowing in abundance with living wine.  Satisfying our thirsty desire to achieve our most passionate love, success, and blissful purpose as we embrace our future self with open arms of acceptance and forgiveness for our past transgressions. 

May the Universe and her most Sacred Creator Source, God bless you with this beautiful opportunity to love once again.”

© DIVE Publishing 2017

“Divine love flows through our veins as our heart chalice overfloweth-water turned into wine as we embrace that wisdom within.”

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