Today Your Sassy Ass Inner Goddess Wants You To Know

Play Naked In The Mud 

Life is not always the way we want it and not the way we planned it.  We do have a choice; to take the blue or the red pill.  

In fact living in La La Land would be so much easier if we just downed that blue pill with our vintage glass of Chardonnay.  But life hits us like that wrecking ball with Miley Cyrus, or worse yet a nude Joy Behar (on the barf-o-meter I’ll put this one way off the charts into the ‘Just KMN Zone’).  Give me that trash can now! 

Bathe In The Mud 

Instead you spend your entire day trying to navigate through this ‘mindfuck matrix’ as if we just took that red pill and our eyes are wide open to the shape shifters among us.    We are not alone people.  

My fav movie of all time has got to be Silver Linings Playbook.  As far as lust in love (or is it lost in love)…either way is concerned, we may find ourselves wrestling with the wind, swimming across a raging sea, or covered in mud from our trek across the valley in search of our Universal soul partner or muse. 

Mud-driven to Imperfection 

Love, as in life, is imperfect, filthy, messy; both sacred and profane, yet crazy ass beautiful just the same.  As a lonely freshly bloomed rose in the middle of weeds-we are that fragrant aroma where it’s needed most; right here, right now, where you are, that place you long to call home sweet home.  

The best we can do is love others as much as we love our own imperfect and jacked up selves; with your deepest and most decadent desire. 

©DIVE Publishing 2017 

“Sometimes you won’t find yourself till you are covered in Mud.”

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