Silent Melody in a Chaotic Symphony (The Song of Love on Wings of a Dove) 

Silent Serenity 

A picture or ‘selfie’ is said to speak a thousand plus words, however behind the photo is the heart which is our truest image of ourselves.  That transparency which reveals not just our true colors but our naked divinity within. 

Kissing the Mirror of Life

Sometimes words may obscure the message we project on the mirror of life…so allow your inner voice to speak forth your deepest desires and passions to the reflection on the screen.  

Embracing Love Divine 

Embrace the eternal flame radiating from the Goddess of Perpetual Light.  The wisdom of the divine which has stood the test of time since the original garden of paradise.  Your one planted seed can sprout forth a global transformational change.  

Share in the Silence – Listening to your Body 

Silence is indeed golden when we learn to actively listen and speak through our hearts, minds, and bodies…Sharing in that spark to ignite passion as a blazing wildfire, consuming our stagnant brush.  Listless complacency being replaced by living courageously.  

© DIVE Publishing 2017

A divine love spoken through the eyes of our soul. 

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