Passion Takes Center Stage – A New Series on Love in the Afterglow 

Act One: The Passion Flower 

Passion should always take center stage when love is in the spotlight.  We each have our innermost desires to let shine in the embrace of another who shares our diverse emotions, feelings, and imperfections.  Much like a rosebud, only when we open up and spread our petals will we attract our Universal soulmate and share in the wisdom together as One.

Act Two: The Secret Garden 

In this transparency, where we disclose all secrets and cherish every single moment; great or small, behind the curtain and in front of an audience of One or many…

When love plays the lead role, an encore is sure to follow; both on and off stage with the VIP of our life.  

© DIVE Publishing 2017

“Where Love is More Than Just The Act…Its a Way of Life.”

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