‘Futurgasm’ from the Pasyon Cove Diaries © 2017 All Rights Reserved – Disclaimer: (Adult Themes and Content)

From the Diary of Claire…Forgive Me Softly, F*ck Me Strongly

It’s been said, “you should forgive others for what they have done unto you…I say, Forgive yourself-those words of self-condemnation and regret.  Therefore forgive your past…forgive your fears, failures, and the myriad of other fuckisms in our daily pursuit of life, liberty, and longing for love. 

Mind-blown “Futurgasm” TM

Time to flip off the past and blow your mind with a futurgasmic release of eye rolling in the back of your head, toe-curling, and body pulsating expectancy to take you to that next level of your future self-stripped bare of all past hindrances and exposed to the Universal shower of blessings touching you deeply and passionately with love eternal. 

Shadow Sex…Salacious Sensoulity 

The shadows of your past…ex-periences reflecting off the mirror we curse ourselves.  Words on repeat as we rage within the cage we bind ourselves to.  

Bong-a-Gong, Get It On Where You Lay Your Head 

Banging our heads against the headboard of despair, desperate to appease the demons within as we placate our wicked most deviant desires.  Lust to love…last thing I was dreaming of..playing on the turntable of our youth.  Go-Gos going down on me tonight; you spin my head ’round baby ’round ’round like a record…as you going (downtown)…

Honoring the Star of Your Passion Goddess 

Worshipping the goddess of our choosing in the cafe of latte and frappe whipped cream offerings as we forgive our past mistakes through indulgences of sweet ecstasy.  In goddess we trust as we drink from the chalice of caffeinated climax.  

Strip to Closure…Embrace the Night

Embrace the shadows of your past, kiss them goodbye, and strip them of their power to seduce your present actions.  

Spread your wings wide and fly high into the night. 

© DIVE Publishing 2017

“Where Passion doesn’t just Rule the Game; it’s a State of Receiving” 

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