Riding the Rapids in a Heart-shaped Raft

“Sometimes you just need to let things unfold as they are and go with the flow…” Ailene M. 2017 

Let Love Flow…Let Your Mind, Body, and Soul Glow

Life can be complicated or simple as singing in the rain.  It’s totally up to you in making that choice to bask in the sun or hide in the shadow of your past misfortunes and missed opportunities.  We learn the most valuable lessons from our mistakes, then we redirect ourselves in a better way of doing and acquiring the skill-set or mindset needed.  

Take Me To The River 

Sometimes you just have to strip down to the basics; your bare essentials, get in that raft, and float down the river of life; riding out the turbulent waters for love to flow and cascade down on top of your body and mind as you embrace the beauty of your counterpart close to your heart. 

Take me down to the river of living waters.  Release me as I go all in, wash over me, cleanse me, as we allow the divine current of love ❤️ to carry us away to our own secret island 🌴 paradise.  

© DIVE Publishing 2017

“Love Cascades on Down like a River Flow Through My Soul” 

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