The Lost Dream of Decadent Desires – The Blood Red Letters Between the Sacred and the Profane (from The Secret Journal of Claire) excerpts from the Flight2Love 

Heaven or Hell…But Lost Someplace Inbetween 

Somewhere between hell and heaven there is this thing called life. You either play it solo; hitchhiking down that long lonely stretch of Interstate 40…reminiscing about the ‘One’ who got away, jump in the first car which stops to pick you up for a momentary lapse of time or reason, or be content with the journey and the sunset off on the horizon.  

The Perfect Night 

You will never find the perfect lover nor the perfect ‘fuck.’ However you will remember always (even in your deepest sleep) that ‘One’ angelic being dressed in the tightest clothes and smelling like lavender, dripping with milk and honey from her spread wings.  She will not only steal your heart and lock it away in her secret nightstand drawer.  She will entice you to stay through the night and hoping forevermore.  

Maybe you remember the Vampire lover who severed your heart in two with the sword between her ruby red lips as she drank from the blood which flowed through your veins.  Bathing in the afterglow of this blood lust and sweet vengeance between the sheets of empty promises and pot-induced lies. 

Angel of Lustful Intent 

Beware the Angel with the Broken Wings and the Tarnished Halo of Thorns.  Her appetite savors a blood sacrifice from a longing heart, she will not only steal away your soul but your secret dreams and deepest desires.  Her words will consume your body as the flames shoot out from her mouth of lustful intent. 

Purgatory-The Lost Garden of the Forbidden Fruit 

Imperfectly perfect in this place called purgatory.  Paradise by the dashboard light, someplace between the North Carolina line and the City of Lost Angels; that City of Blinding Neon Lights.  Closer to the forest fires of hell but within soul-flight of a heaven so bright.  That angelic embrace so fleeting of which I dream of you tonight. 

© DIVE Publishing 2017

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