Being Assiduous without Being an Ass (Or Sitting On It) 

Work Smarter (Not Necessarily Harder) 

Being an assiduous student, employee, employer, manager, self-employed start-up, or home-based business consultant means not just working harder or smarter than your competitors.  It means facing the duplicity in the fast-changing dynamic environment around us.  

Work With The End in Mind*

How you conduct yourself in both your personal and professional demeanor internally will reflect outwardly the core values you adhere to.  

If you act with The End in Mind* and align your vision with an integrity of passionate-purpose; a client-centered prosperity focus rather than just a self-centered profit-building focus. 

Work in Unison And Unity 

We tend to look at our personal portfolio through what our spouse or partner can do for us rather than what we can mutually achieve together as a team.

Work Passionately 

If two people in an otherwise neutral place cannot forge a viable and amiable partnership how will we be able to transfer the appropriate skill-sets into a cut throat work environment which seeks to substitute your innermost passion and innovative thinking for the sake of expediency and efficiency, as if we are subservient to the machines around us.  

Work With Purpose 

We should work with efficacy of purpose without neglecting the humanity behind the technology that hard-wires us together. 

© DIVE Publishing 2017

Hard-wired for Success in All Things” 

*Credit: Stephen Covey: 7 Habits of Effective People 

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