Embrace the Wind as You DIVE In 

Letting Go…Of Our Past Self

Letting go of our past (mistakes, opportunities, or relations in between) can only strengthen the warrior of faith within.  

That weight lifted off us, as the Resurrection of the Christ upon a rugged cross did for people of wayward twisted faith.  

Letting Go…Of Our Naked Self 

This is our season of naked reflection as we seek greater purpose in our own life journey.  The sacred profanity of it all, the most beautiful and passionate type of pain endured to set us free.  

Letting Go…Of Everything Within (Releasing It Into The Wind)

The Art of Letting Go of all the things in our heart, mind, and of the flesh which tend to destroy our only hope when we stand at the edge of the abyss with a gold cross around our neck. 

I stand on the ledge facing the demons of my past and the voices inside of my head.  As I face the fear like a tidal wave washing over me. 

© DIVE Publishing 2017

“Embrace the Wind as You DIVE In” 

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