How Bad Do You Desire The Fire? 

Success isn’t all about your bling bling or that ‘boy toy’ or ‘girl toy’ you’ve got on the side.  

It’s not about last nights fling or that sparkling diamond ring you show off to all your plastic friends or take off when you’re with your part time lover. 

Your true success is a hidden treasure just waiting for the right code to unlock.  Your deepest truest dreams and desires are only a prayer away from manifesting, but only when you don’t stop believing can you be given the keys to the Universe and all she has to offer you. 

As long as you can inspire; you can achieve all your desires and your dream (no matter how grandeur or obscene) it may appear to those closest to you.  

Eventually it can come true if you take the necessary action to manifest into reality.  

GOYA and do something really crazy awesomely beautiful since YOLO.  

© DIVE Publishing 2017

“Kiss Desire, Embrace the Fire, Love Inspires” TM 

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