Mind Blown Reality 

Practical Complacency or Radical Reality 

The moment you stop believing…You will give up on living for your dream and surrender to an existence of ‘complacency out of practicality.’ 

Synergy Attraction 

You can only receive what you attract into your life.  Therefore compound your mind with positive  synergic thinking in collaboration with positive leaders in tune to the natural frequencies of your future selves.  

These beautiful vibes will lead you to a life on purpose and living with Universal intention and transformation.  

Rediscover Your Inner Child 

Children understand this Secret to Living on Purpose.  This is why they explore, investigate with excitement and wonder, and are willing to try new challenges.  They collaborate with others as they ‘learn to love’ their world and those they engage with through social-skills building and play.  They don’t see walls, they build bridges, and interact with others different from themselves.  

Their environment is virgin, organic, and full of unlimited potential and possibilities.  They are not limited yet by ‘practical complacency’ or a ‘debt fog blindness’ brought about by forfeiting a long-term dream for a short-term existence out of necessity rather than ‘playful desires and wants.’ 

Dream Warriors

All products and services began with a dream and great leaders have motivated others (transforming history) by their own dreams and visions. 

Maybe it’s time again to give yourself the opportunity to stop what you are doing and play again.  

Be a dream warrior.  Dare to dream greater while you are awake. 

©DIVE Publishing 2017

“Dream While You Are Awake” 

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