Keeping the End in Mind 

In the end it doesn’t matter the nationality of you or your ancestors, your likes or dislikes, your socio-economic or FB status, how many authentic or plastic friends you’ve got, your politics, your sex life, or how many Benjamins you made it rain.  

In the end it’s just you and the one you worship or not, the one you bow down to, and call Lord.  

In the end we are all the same; subject to the great equalizer of this so-called life.  

In the end we all become one again with nature and that great energy source in the Universe. 

Having faith in the unseen is so damn hard in these challenging times but so is this purgatory we all must hitchhike on the way between hell and heaven and if we are all lucky…we get to stop at Mel’s Diner for that warm decadent slice of paradise pie with a cool double scoop of ice cream on top and don’t forget the grits. 

DIVE Publishing 2017

“Traveling with the top down and the pedal to the metal…on the Road Trip to the Unknown” 

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