Runaway Love 

Google (Stock Image) 

They say searching for love is like searching for yourself.  When you find yourself you find love-cause they’re the same.”  Galantis-Runaway lyrics 

Desire to Dive Deep 

So to fulfill that desire deep within you must keep your heart open to that Universal love and your future soulmate.  

As long as you believe in an organic reality greater than your past imperfect circumstances and outside that bubble you call home at the moment.   

Those with your best interests at heart and whom truly love you will give the world to be by your side. 

The ‘selfie’ seekers will only look out for themselves and how ‘perfect’ they are.  Plastic people who want to live in their own make-believe Hollywood romance.  

Your dreams will resonate with those whom share in the same vision.  God will draw the right people; in the right time to your team when you least expect it to happen. 

©DIVE Publishing 2017

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