Wrestling with God 

You can’t see the winds but you sure as hell can feel it slap you ‘cross the face.  

Some seasons we may find ourselves wrestling the wind as we walk down that road less traveled. 

We may have to learn to love ourselves first before we can love others.  

The journey is guided not by GPS but by the heart of faith.  To trust  in the unseen and belief in yourself…you’ve got no one else and nothing left to lose.  It’s just you and the schizophrenic forces of nature we face onwards to our next destination in finding that one thing who’ve been searching for. 

Too all the haters, I’ll survive the fight.  I’ll overcome this rage and turn it into the power to do what is right.  

Through the cold water of love cause we should’nt be fighting on our own but life tries to drown us sometimes you know.  But that’s “how we learn and how we grow (Cold Water-Major Lazer).

©DIVE Publishing 2017 

Bless Thyself” TM 

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