Friend or Foe 

Life’s full of disappointments and detours.  People will try to trip you up when they see you having a level of success unlike theirs.  Be it jealousy or personal weakness they may see you as a threat to their game. 

Relationships are like that.  You may just be in a different place or state of mind than they are in the present.  

You don’t want to have a girlfriend or boyfriend who doesn’t share in the same vision as you do.  If they are not willing to walk upon the water with you to reach the boat then that person is not willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the same objectives. 

It’s time to face the raging sea and defy the storm inside.  You must first be your own leader of the dance before you find the One who shares in your same rhythm.  

She/he must be willing to go the distance to make it work and set your sight on what is right.  Don’t let her/him go without a fight then you shall know. 

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