Begin Where You Are 

I am revising a quick outline for personal transformation and success.  Even if you are changing careers or taking baby steps to reach some esoteric goal. 
Transform Your Dreams, Intuition,Vision, and Expectations (DIVE) TM into reality by the 9 Action Steps for DIVE-RS in our dynamically-changing diverse global community. 

AS #1 – Begin Where You Are.  Begin at Home. 

Start with the best You where you are right this very moment. If you are not where you desire to be or in your ‘dream’ job or career, at least be the best damn employee you can be.  Be somebody you would hire if you were the boss or the one guy or girl everyone would wonder-what do they got that I don’t.  Always be smiling and keep them guessing. 

By keeping the best you in mind first and foremost, you will not only do your best and set an example for those around you, but will open yourself up to bigger and better opportunities down the road.  

Because let’s face it, who wants to work for a jackass.  

©DIVE Publishing 2017 

DIVE Into The Water” 

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