Love is the Rain to Drown out the Pain 

Surround yourself with people who dare to push you to the edge of living in the moment.  All in-dangerously but strategically active in our sphere of influence with others in direct or indirect association with us.

And I don’t mean cliff diving or BASE jumping, unless that’s your thing.  Just be safe with the ones you’re with and wear protection. 

Rather coaching us forward, leading us by example, teaching us by action and not just words.  

What good are words for in the chaos of noise if there is no clarity between the chatter.  Otherwise it’s still just loud pointless noise which only damages our eardrums but doesn’t edify our souls or share in the same beat as our heart. 

The people around us-they can make us or they can break us.  They can pick us up or push us down.  They can be there in the rain and they can be there in our sunshine.

When all hope is lost and we are drowning in a sea of desperation and despair.  That’s what friends are for, those angels whom have come down from heaven to set us free from the abyss within our souls.

Still learning to soar, learning to spread our wings to fly, learning to laugh, and cry out in this beautiful type of pain we call life and love ❤️. 

-Mark Adam Publishing 2017

“Love lost can be found again.  All you must do is seek wisdom within.  The key 🔑 to the heart ❤️ will let love be Born Again .”

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