The Lagoon of Love is where it all begins

As more storm clouds approach on the horizon I can’t help but think of the lack of sunshine ☀️ in our personal lives.  

As I personally was challenged this week to reflect upon my own emotional and mental wellness and how it was too dependent on certain people to make me complete. 

The reality of this has really impacted my own ‘comfort zone.’ Now it’s time to hit the trenches once again and press on through the pouring rain without an umbrella to shield me nor to keep me dry.  

Getting soaked can be a wake up call to change different clothes and love the unexpected and unimagined once again. 

Letting go of what owned you.  Of what once held you back from your own personal revival.  

So continues this journey on the #Flight2Love 

-Mark Adam Publishing 2017

Get back to the startreset your life.” 

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