Living for the Fight

Don’t concern yourself with the missed opportunities or relationships come and gone.  

That which has already come to pass lead you to this moment in time.  

If a career opportunity didn’t work out, if a friendship severed, if a relationship walked out that front door…all these things should not cause you to ‘lose your religion.’

We have all been down that ‘highway to hell’ either by choice or circumstances, maybe beyond our realm of influence-while playing that AC/DC cassette tape or CD on our car stereo set to replay. 

Others of us may have been “Living on a Prayer”cause its “My Life and I ain’t gonna live for ever…My heart is like an open highway” and I want to live it my way, as sung by the hottest Jersey band of our generation, Bon Jovi.  

We trusted in our position, that job promotion, the pay raise, the perfect life partner or short-term romantic fling; only to have missed our turn to our true destination.  

I recall a time traveling as a study abroad student backpacking across Europe.  I had missed my stop while on the train headed to Hamburg, Germany 🇩🇪. When I realized the error I was on my way to Eastern Europe.  

So it is with life.  We may plan a particular road trip only to find ourself heading down a different highway or interstate. 

The best time to make a change was yesterday.  The second best time is today to create that life you’ve always dreamed, to date that near-perfect soulmate, to marry that girl/guy you love so much, and to soar to even greater heights.  

You have a chance to choose a better choice.  You will attract what you desire the most through the Universal Law of Attraction.  All you must do is take action today. 

-Mark Adam Publishing 2017

“Ignite your Passion in the Struggle”

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