A Beautiful Type of Bad Romance 

Life’s not always a dream nor is it a beach.  Sometimes it’s a bitch; a beautiful type of pain.  Reminders of past regrets, passionate desires burned in the fire of yesterday’s love faded away.  
Your jaded heart bleeding from the wounds of a knife cut so deep.  The cold steel of relationship’s ghost of lovers past.  

Aww I so freaking wish you were here right now.  My heart is bleeding profusely missing you so damn much.  

It’s a beautiful type of pain. Screaming out your name in this quicksand but I’m sinking deep, reaching out my hand for you to grab on tight.  My whole freaking life seems to be slowly slipping away. 

The struggle within is tearing my soul apart.  This pain runs deep as the pulse through my veins, slashed open with a razor blade, blood spilling like red wine into our poisoned chalice of lust and lies.  

I still need you, I want to get swept away by the flood and drown in your downpour. 

Bad Romance is my drug as love is the fix to get us through the night.  A bed of roses now dripping with blood and tears; white linen sheets stained crimson red.  The midnight rain keeps pouring all around as the rainbow in the dark you call home. 
It’s just too damn late to apologize for your fucking crimes of passion in the heat of the fire you set on our love.  The flames reaching heaven as I scream in this living hell; cursing the day I was born.  
You sit in the corner watching me burn as you lick the edge of the metal blade.  The taste of victory you savor; you thirst for more as a vampire in search of her next willing victim.  

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