Strip Down To The Bare Essentials- (‘The Art of You’ Series) 

If you desire to change-a real transformation from the inside out; requires dedication to a purpose-driven mission.  

It means sacrificing something; maybe not your physical body as our courageous military men and women but it may be financial, family, or fun.  

To change your life is not some magic tarot card reading revealing your future or some genie in a bottle you down in a moment of instant gratification.  

You need to take incremental steps to achieve that dream and make it materialize.  Maybe it involves an investment-as in my own site; of both time and money. 

Maybe it involves higher education; a bachelors, a teaching credential, a Masters, or a doctorate (PhD).  Maybe it involves a technical college, apprenticeship training, or a certified license.  Maybe you must shadow under another or start your own business.

Just don’t expect an overnight dream to transpire without putting in that extra effort to achieve more.  

You are in competition with a mindset and your subconscious.  It may seem easier to just relax on the couch, turn on the tele-, and just watch life happen.  

But this ain’t you so put down that remote and create the Reality Show of your dreams.  Go ahead and grab life by the…

You decide that next line.  

-Mark Adam Publishing 2017 

Life is a choice” 

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