I have learned I may not always get it right; in either action or words.  But the main thing is to try your very best in love and in life, keeping true to yourself and others whom you hold dear. 

It will be those cherished memories in the gold-framed portraits on the mantel of our heart which will matter most in the end.  

Career, money, health, material possessions-all these are fleeting and may wash out to sea on the shoreline of our seasons in life. 

The only certainty, when our boat is adrift will be our family, friends, and faith in the unseen to keep us anchored in the harbor of hope.  

Just don’t let the sun go down on any unresolved storms before you kiss him or her goodnight and say I love you (Mahal Kita) before your soul takes flight.  

Embrace the moonlight.  Be the star that shines bright.  

-Mark Adam Publishing 2017


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