Standing Firm – Part 2 of ‘The Art of You’ series

“It is better to stand alone and feel strong than standing with people who make you weak.” Aim Gracie (2017)

The power of association is the Secret to achieving not just success in your personal or business relationships but also in your inner happiness with God.  

To be strong you must first be content with yourself and the person God created you to be.  If you are stressed, how is it you will be a blessing to others.  

So standing firm may mean standing alone at seasons of your life.  Take heart, you are in good company since every great leader had to at first take that first step alone.  

We can learn lessons from some of our most recent ordinary, yet extraordinary leaders whom found ‘the Universal Secret’ to contentment from the strength within: Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Mother Teresa, and Mahatma Gandhi, just to name a few out of countless others whom currently live among us. 

All of these visionmakers had one thing in common; they were ordinary people just like us, with extraordinary dreams.  And they just had to do something outside of themselves to make change happen. 

They had to first realize that call to action alone, then to make it a reality by taking that first step; collaborating with those whom associated with their greater purpose in their mission-driven life. 

Weakness seeks to tear others down while strength builds others up.  From civil rights to global compassion for humanity in fulfilling our purpose-the Power of One can move mountains.  

-Mark Adam Publishing 2017

“Take the first step”

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