Sheet Confessions 

You’ve heard it said keep your BFFs close but your enemies closer.  

Just don’t have a one night stand or do the tango between the sheets with your enemies or else they just might blindfold you, rob you and leave you tied up to the bed.  

Metaphorically speaking of course on ‘who we associate with might leave us smelling like a beautiful bouquet of roses or a bad case of sushi. 

Just don’t go down too deep.  You might not only be at a loss for air but you might get soaked in the process.  

Don’t let your need for lust trigger the nuclear code which can cause your love life to explode like an atomic bomb.  

Grab her by the mind and stimulate her intellect with an understanding of her needs and desires first.  Don’t bang her emotions like a 4 minute sprint to the finish line.  

Treat her like a Queen and you will be the King to Throne her World.  

©Mark Adam Publishing 2017

All Rights Reserved. 

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