Elevate Your Mind 2020 Initiative 

Don’t let the negative actions of a few dictate your response in kind.  The only way a civilized society rises above is when rational, intellectual debate trumps irrational, animalistic behavior which is destructive at its core.  

Only when we see with our hearts, and listen with compassion, will we rise above the hate. 

Forward-thinking requires strategic planning through education.  Not necessarily ‘groupthink’ rather working together as a unified team and proving through pro-active initiative, collaboration, and mutually-beneficial compromise.  

The change begins from within and the ability to roll with the punches of this life; even if things don’t go your way.  

Now is the time; this new generation to work with the baby-boomers in planting seeds of love to grow beautiful roses to replace the weeds of hate. 
-Mark Adam Publishing 2017

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