The Art of Passion 101

“You don’t need to be perfect in love all the time.  It’s a learning experience; engaging in conversation, keeping each other’s interest, and baring oneself in front of the other-becoming vulnerable; emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

The Art of Passion is not unlike taking a grad level seminar on the subject.  Everyday as reading a textbook and discovering a new POV, a new argument, or a new fact.  

This is the delicate ‘Dance of Love‘ but both partners can’t lead at the same time.  One has to listen while the other speaks and vise versa.  Listening with understanding and speaking in awareness of the mutual needs of one another.  

Love in the moment and love on purpose.  No matter if it’s a LDR (Long Distance Relationship) or CDR (Close Distance Relationship); if you’re fresh in love or seasoned lovers-direct communication is the key to every successful relationship.  

©Mark Adam Publishing 2017

Where Passion Rules the Game.”

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