Resolve and Solve 

How many of us already broke our New Years resolutions?  I’m sure at least one or more of those choices have been overruled by our need for instant pleasure or for a different decision.  

My New Years resolution was to not make any because I would have surely broke them all.  

That’s fine if you do and you can always start all over again the next day. 

Maybe start incremental steps as in 10 days without coffee, vaping, smoking, unsafe sex, or sodas.  Replace these with better habits like fruit juices, green tea, exercise, safe intimacy time (including cuddling) with your partner, and water.  Whatever it is take it one day at a time.  Then slowly increase the time you use to replace those bad or unsafe habits.  It takes around 30 days to change a routine or habit so be patient and ride it out.  

“You will consciously achieve only what you subconsciously believe.”

©Mark Adam Publishing 2017

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