Wishful Thinking 

If you could have just one wish.  Only one, yes the genie in the bottle is cheap as hell and even got hit hard by the stock market.  

The has been, half-baked genie blames the economy but to me it’s just a friggin excuse.  Because in this so-called life we all make choices, we have decisions to make, and we can’t gravitate our whole freakin lives around some magical wish granting fairy or some storybook fantasy marriage or Victorian style mansion up in the sky.  The image men conjure up as the bondage submissive type girl willing to do anything to please their lonely fantasies.  The reality blow up doll come to life; granting their ‘sickest’ wishes as if she was some low-class call girl needing a quick fix.  Some cash for some ass.  

So you get three choices but can only pick one: To receive an endless supply of money (a tree that grows real cash), To Live Forever (as if our life is some ‘Fame’ Musical), or To have one whole week to spend with a lost loved one (someone who left this world before there own dream was fulfilled). 

This is a tough choice but not unlike the decisions we make today on our path to love.  

Do we love material things💰💍👛👠🏰🗼 (buying fancy things; that diamond ring, that Prada handbag, high heels, castle on the hill, or jet-setting to Paris).

Do we love our selves more than others: our health, our physical bodies, our sexual appeal, our taste for exotic foods, our desire to get drunk on fine wine. 

Do we fear the unknown, stress over our jobs, careers, or status.  Do we desire that plush executive chair, that mahogany desk by the window overlooking the beautiful lake, ocean, or skyline.  Do we lust after the most attractive wife, lover, or the bedroom in a luxurious mansion-that spacious room with a view.  

Do we escape through sex, drugs, drink, food, travel, isolation, or even work. 

Maybe you escape living vicariously through the characters and dreams of others through television and the movies.  Acting out the Hollywood fantasy or adult romance as if we were on set with the shooting star of our high-end fictional lifestyle.  

We all do to some extent live as to please others and to keep up with the trends and fads of the latest club scene.  Our gated communities, our new cars, our manicured lawns, our sculpted bodies, our need to impress our boss, co-workers, or the neighbors.  

In the end it comes down to the choices we make as individuals and as mutually-beneficial life partners.  

So what is the choice I would make?  It would be to say I love you to those closest to me now since today decides tomorrow and the past is already gone.  

So the genie in the bottle is not real but the Man in the Mirror is.  The Universe will give you everything you need, but not necessarily everything all at once.  Where the hell are you gonna put all that crap anyways?  Public Storage unless your bitch doesn’t mind her walk in closet space being used for all your boxes.  She needs room for all her shoes and sex toys. 

The main thing to remember is tomorrow is not guaranteed, so embrace and love as though you are living your own reality show; not some fictional fairy tale which is as elusive as a rainbow after the storm-which will always be there but so will the sun after all is said and done. 

-Mark Adam Publishing 2017

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